An outlook to 2021

It’s that time of year again where everyone comes up with their resolutions for the year. I won’t be doing that, because I know I will just give them up. Instead I’ll be more vague and just provide a list of themes to look into in 2021.

Working async vs. working remotely

As discussed in episode 14 of Expanding Beyond there is a difference between working remotely (which we’ve all been doing more of in 2020) and working fully async where you don’t depend on other people working at the same time as you do.

These are the resources I mentioned on the podcast and I intend to go back to those at some point this year:

Typed languages

Typed languages are already in wide use and will become more and more prevalent over the coming years. The type systems have come a long way from C and Java and nowadays they are actually useful!

The grandfather of it all if of course Haskell and I’m already reading Learn You a Haskell for Great Good! by Miran Lipovača. That in the end will probably be more about the theory and not that much about the practice, so I want to give TypeScript (in the contact of a Rails app) a try and see how that looks like with the type system dialed to 11.

Architecting Systems

In 2020 I noticed that architecting systems that consist of multiple smaller apps (not necessarily microservices) isn’t something I have a lot of experience in. The following resources will be my jumping off points for the year:


There wouldn’t be a categorization without a grab bag of stuff that didn’t fit in anywhere else. In this case it just one item: Tailwind CSS. As a web developer I’ve always known that I should be better at CSS and designing my web sites and that seems like a great approach to simplify this all.

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